Ipsos ASI
Advertising research

With more than 40 years of experience, Ipsos ASI has become a world leader in brand communications research. Globally we tested more than 75.000 ads, whereas in Hungary we conducted more than 300 ads since 2004 all over the word.

We at Ipsos ASI believe that successful advertising builds stronger brands. Ipsos ASI, offers marketers state-of-the-art advertising research, using measures predictive of in-market performance across the various stages of advertising development and implementation.

Ipsos ASI offers a full range of advertising research solutions to help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process, and to maximize the return on their advertising investment. Our commitment is to provide insights to advertisers to help in the development, evaluation, and improvement of their advertising efforts. This is why Ipsos ASI can help you build stronger brands.

Our full range of advertising research products includes:

  • AdLab: a qual/quant tool to optimize creative in one day
  • ASI: Connect offers a fast and robust pre-testing across all forms of media mostly for finished films.
  • Brandgraph and Brandgraph*360: tracks the in-market reach, impact, and cost effectiveness of all your communications
  • BVC: Ipsos ASI's equity model.

1. AdLab

Ipsos ASI Next*AdLab

Adlab is a pre-testing solution designed specifically to optimize creative by identifying and fully diagnosing what is and isn't working with your advertising — in real time. Adlab is a flexible early-stage tool that is especially valuable in providing marketers with timely guidance when they are, among other things, exploring different creative ideas, taking a new or bold creative direction, or trying to regain effectiveness of an ad idea that has stopped "working".

How does AdLab work?

25 participants are invited to participate in each AdLab session. They use keypads to express their reactions to each ad. The results are shown in real time, question by question, in a separate room, so the client can start to develop his hypotheses. The Qualitative group takes place right after the quantitative stage, introducing directly the hypotheses defined at the quantitative stage

2. ASI:Connect

Ipsos ASI Next*Connect

ASI:Connect is our most flexible and sophisticated interactive copy testing tool. From emerging digital media to more traditional forms – you can evaluate individual executions or multiple campaign elements across any platform in markets all around the globe.

Key Features Include:

  • Reception – Examines how likely your ad is to get noticed and whether or not your ad is being linked to your brand.
  • Persuasion – Highlights how effective your ad is at motivating consumers to take action.
  • Brand Equity – Showcases the potential for your ad to build brand equity.
  • Communication Diagnostics – Studies your communication message assessing its clarity and its effect on your brand perception.
  • Emotional Response and Engagement – Identifies the emotions created by your ad and reveals the impact these emotions have on your brand.

3. Brand Graph

Ipsos ASI is committed to working with you to “measure what matters” to your advertising success. Tracking is an important part of any advertising research process. It can provide information on ad performance "in market" where the environment is constantly changing. It can also provide important feedback on the success of media plans.

Ipsos ASI's BrandGraph Tracking Service is proven, and has been used in 60+ categories since 1986. Our approach is based on experience, comprehensive databases and a sophisticated media model. These features combine to provide clients with "added value" and ensure sound decision-making on creative and media issues.

4. Brand Graph*360

BrandGraph*360 tracks the in-market reach, impact, and cost effectiveness of all your communications. A powerful consumer mix model shows you the contributions of POS, packaging, sponsorship, even uncontrolled communication like word of mouth, in addition to each part of your ad media mix. By analyzing the effect of each consumer touch point on brand equity, purchase intent, and other measures, we can help you to focus your communication on the messages that work best.

5. Brand Value Creator

You are asking:

  • Why is my brand losing market share?
  • What do consumers like about my brand?
  • Are there other in-market factors impacting my brand?
  • How do I grow my brand's relevance?

Brand Value Creator, Ipsos ASI's newest equity model, is the only model that properly reflects how consumers make decisions. It measures the current resonance of your brand. It identifies the market effects which impact sales, positively or negatively.

There are two vital components to creating a strong brand.

  • Attitudinal Equity – The ability to create strong brand resonance with target audience.
  • Market Effects – How well market effects are managed to translate brand desire into purchase.

Validated in 30 categories, across 27 countries, for over 900 brands – Brand Value Creator is absolutely the strongest, most validated score to real market share available to advertisers.