Field Observer

The Field Observer line of business of Ipsos is specialised in clients with their own research organisational capacities needing only a cooperating partner in fieldwork. In 2012 Field Observer was established within the Operations Division of Ipsos to perform this very function. Our team members have extensive market research experience and know the ins and outs of fieldwork, enabling them to support client implementations by sharing industry best practices as early as the programming of the questionnaires, during classic fieldwork as well as in the statistical data processing phase.

Our mission is to collect reliable data at affordable prices with a heavy focus on quality and speed in fieldwork. Our operations are supported by Ipsos in 84 countries, enabling us to help the implementation of business concepts and solutions of our clients not only in Hungary but also worldwide. We have extensive knowledge in international markets, are able to follow and apply recent trends and thus act globally while being local.

If you have a research objective but you lack the expertise to do it or you would like to try another service provider, Field Observer is your ideal choice. You provide the research idea and we make it happen.

We run customer as well as business market projects. In 2013 Ipsos conducted 70 million interviews in 100 countries, of which 223,000 interviews were managed by the Operations team in Hungary

Our clients represent diverse economic sectors. Among others, our partners include large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses from the following sectors:

  • telecommunications
  • finance
  • consulting (marketing and media)
  • PR and advertising
  • research
  • higher education
  • automotive and manufacturing
  • pharmaceutical and health industries
  • food industry

We have extensive online and offline work experience. For more information on the solutions we employ, please see Operations.

Tell us your ideas and questions: annamaria.foldes [at]

More information about our international operations:


“IPSOS Hungary has very well supported us in our efforts to collect data in the Hungarian market for various international customer projects in the past years. Their style of work helps us to set up ad hoc studies quickly and deliver quality data in short field timings at reasonable prices – it’s not about identifying problems but finding solutions in an emerging panel market! They do a great job at helping us to collect data to create the insights our customers need.”

Florian Weinert
Research Director - implicit diagnostics & solutions GmbH

“I worked with IPSOS for almost 5 years in the past. As a former co-worker I’m very familiar with the data recording process of IPSOS and the colleagues working there, all of whom I trust in as well as in the company’s vast expertise. That is why I still use the data recording services of IPSOS to this date if such data is needed at my new workplace. By using the services of IPSOS I have their guarantee that no cruel surprises will occur regarding the quality of data or the adherence of the proposed deadlines.”

Róbert Pintér
eNET – Research Leader

“The Omnibus research lead by IPSOS was perfectly in compliance with our prior expectations. IPSOS did a quick yet adept plan for our research, which examined the general opinion of the public regarding the new nuclear plant at Paks, Hungary, flexibly adapted to our continuous adjustment requests, and, in compliance with our previous discussions, they also managed to deliver the data despite short deadline. Detailed demographic data and handy research results, all done by IPSOS, were a key element for us to properly understand the public reception of the Paks nuclear plant’s extension.”

Gábor Sarlós
PhD of Communication Research

“I find IPSOS' services very reliable and effective. In our situation we struggled with language barriers to obtain market knowledge, but IPSOS' excellent service and quick turnaround helped us reach out to a great number of people and provide valuable insights more than we could possibly do on ourselves. Market intelligence is fundamental for developing your business strategy, and IPSOS is a very valuable and cost effective partner in acquiring this knowledge.”

Aksel Schjerpen