Ipsos Marketing

Marketing is the largest specialization of Ipsos in Hungary, provides more than 50% of the total revenue of Ipsos Hungary.

With their expertise and the innovative Ipsos solutions, our colleagues help clients to transform insights into their competitive advantage. In the past decides we executed thousands of projects, this experience resulted in our current thinking about brands and innovations and all of our methods are based on this philosophy. Our specialists offer simple, intuitive solutions built on powerful philosophies and always linked to business outcomes.

Our key areas:

  1. Exploring markets, U&A studies (MarketQuest): focus on consumer understanding. Our methods help marketers identify business opportunities and innovation platforms, define the best positioning for their brands, allocate their Marketing investments
  2. Shopper studies
  3. Innovation and Forecasting (InnoQuest): helping clients maximize the ROI of their innovation initiatives and build profitable businesses

1. Exploring markets, U&A studies (MarketQuest)

Ipsos is the only global agency with a dedicated practice in this area, under-pinned by a powerful and validated philosophy centered on people and human motivations. Our solutions are based on simplified metrics and always linked to business outcomes, through an extensive usage of workshops and simulations.

Our key method is Censydiam.

Censydiam tools have a unifying people centred vision. We believe that in order to be successful a brand must connect with deeper human motivations. Brands are only relevant if they succeed in optimizing people's life.

By using a validated framework of human motivations, we can ensure that consumer needs are front and centre of all future decision making.

Censydiam értelmezési kerete

In all tools we link research findings to Business Outcomes. Indeed it is not enough to understand deeper motivations for category consumption. The challenge is to tap very precisely into these human motivations which provide true competitive advantage (increase share and/or create new demand). In order to achieve this we use measures and analytics which are aligned with how consumers make decisions in the real world. Thanks to this, our tools help clients to focus on the most profitable growth strategies.

You can read more about Censydiam here.

2. Shopper studies

Shopper Marketing is a fast growing area of marketing as the results offer high Return on Investment with so many decisions made at Point of purchase.

Our aim is to help Manufacturer and Retailers sell more through a better understanding of their shoppers behavior.

Shopper Marketing értelmezési kerete

We focus on emerging markets knowing the importance of the traditional trade to our multi-national clients

We have a suite of globally harmonised Shopper solutions which are interpreted by our local experts.

You can read more about our Shopper Approach here.

3. Innovation and Forecasting

Ipsos is the only global market research agency providing end-to-end solutions designed to give you financial metrics –even at the early stages – and clear direction for maximization of initiative potential.

From the earliest stages of the fuzzy front end to product launch and beyond, we will help guide and nurture your innovation to success.

We help clients to maximize the ROI of their innovation processes through a unique, global end-to-end offer and deep expertise across a wide array of sectors.

When evaluating new ideas we always consider the uniqueness of local market and the competitive environment. Our unique benchmarking system is valid for every country market and category, always evaluates the success of the innovation in a relevant context.

You can reach our full innovation portfolio here.