Opinion research

Everything what we are interested in, what we have opinion and talk about. Our wider and closer environment, standard of living, macro economics, culture, wellfare, public life – topics, which are in the focus of our attention and in the centre of public opinion and social research.

The whole country, regions, counties, settlements, and abroad – territories, where we make investigations.

The whole population, the community of citizens, the family, the age groups, the professional agents, the social strata – issues we want to be more aware of. Knowledge, opinions, attitudes – people’s attainments and emotions, what we direct our focus on.

The past, present and future – time horizons, what we are monitoring.

Pre-testing of decision alternatives, post-testing of consequencies and effects of decisions – tasks, which we grant help to.

Company executives, institution leaders, managers of local and national organizations, scholars, communication and marketing professionals – decisions makers and preparators, whom we support.

Opinions explored at a certain date or situation: „snapshots” are considered important research approaches. The registration of changes, monitoring: „filming” is regarded as a widespread method as well.

Local and international methodology based on solid credentials – a robust base we can count on.

Sociological analyses, ways of usage, consulting, propositons – activities we are engaged in.

Trained, analytic professionals, experienced advisors, economists, psychologists, sociologists – a team, what we are: the social researchers.