Ipsos Update - October 2016

The Ipsos Knowledge Centre’s latest Ipsos Update is now available. The focus here is on research, reports and thought leadership which will be of interest to a wide audience.

In this edition:

  • What Worries the World – This new monthly Ipsos monitor sets out the public’s key concerns across 25 countries.
  • Building Stronger Brands – A new Ipsos Views white paper by Dave Hannay and Gailynn Nicks, providing a checklist for what needs to happen in order for a brand to be successful.
  • She Speaks: Understanding Women in MENA – A major study looking at the role women play as consumers in nine different markets: coverage includes household dynamics, brand loyalty and the path to purchase.
  • Micro-target or Target Everyone? – What is the right media strategy for your brand? Keith Glasspoole reviews the evidence and finds that the answer is: “it depends”.
  • Marketing Partnerships – Well-executed campaigns can achieve exceptional outcomes for brands and rights holders. But they cost a lot of money. This paper shows how research is being used to realise the full potential of these partnerships.
  • Young Mothers in China – Taken from the latest China Pulse report, this study looks at how brands are marketing to the new generation of mothers. Topics include new perspectives on housing, car ownership and internet use.
  • More Than Words – Six billion emoticons and stickers are sent around the world every day. Our new thought piece explores this new language, and suggests brands and media owners follow four rules to ensure success.
  • Global Infrastructures – In this new study from Ipsos’ Global @dvisor programme, people around the world give their assessments on a range of subjects, including airports, broadband services and housing supply.
  • Don’t Let Promising Breakthrough Innovations Die – In this new white paper on how to nurture promising innovations, Lee Markowitz looks at the whole process, from engaging with the consumer through to forecasting the potential success of the product.
  • The Year of Disruptive Elections – Our latest briefing on the climate of public opinion ahead of the forthcoming American and French elections.

Ipsos Update - October 2016.pdf