The omnibus research service of IPSOS HUNGARY has been available to You for two decades with different services. Within the framework of this we have launched CAPIBUS, the first domestic CAPI (computer aided personal interview) omnibus on 1 January 2005.

Why should You choose the CAPI METHOD?

Using this method You will receive reliable results in less time than usual, since digital questionnaires will eliminate entirely data error stemming from human fault. What are the advantages that led us to introduce this method among the first in Hungary?

  • You can obtain information fast, and still keep the popular questioning technique based on personal contact, as
    • the time for fieldwork may be reduced by up to 30% because of online data delivery and prompt data entry,
    • personal contact remains, but this method is useful for questioning incomparably more complex questionnaires than the pen and paper method.
  • If You require preliminary data urgently, You will not have to wait for all the questionnaires to be filled in and data entry to have finished. You can receive a Quick Report as soon as 60% of the interviews are ready, as
    • data entry is continuous and every finished interview will arrive online to the Institute the same day.
  • The method greatly increases the reliability of data, as
    • it eliminates human, interviewer faults, the pre-programmed questionnaires on the computers will not let these through.
    • the control over interviewers is continuous, a programme in the background records the entire process of questioning, which will be assessed every time. This will also be used for the evaluation of the work of the interviewers.
  • The software driven approach allows You to pose different, tailored questions within one questionnaire to every target group.
  • Eases the questioning of hard to reach target groups, as
    • the technological background, the novelty increases the prestige of questioning,
    • the willingness to respond increases according to our experiences.
  • You can test advertisements, creative products on a representative sample and can draw questions regarding them, as
    • the method is capable of presenting multimedia documents.


  • Deadlines for ordering the CAPIBUS service are given in advance for the whole year in the table below.
  • CAPIBUS represents the Hungarian adult (18+) population by a national sample covering 1000 persons. We can amend the sample to include persons above 15 years of age if required by our clients.
  • Data are collected in a standard questionnaire format on laptops through our nationwide network of specially-trained interviewers.

Representative sample:

  • The samples proportionally represent the settlement network of Hungary.
  • The composition of the persons in the sample according to the most important demographic indicators (sex, age, education and residence) is identical with the composition of the population above the age of 18.
  • From 1st January 2012 a new, flexible cluster sampling method is being applied. In this framework 219 small geographical areas are used when designing the sample. Mapping out the respective samples, we are rotating and changing the villages and settlements, consequently they are chosen from different groups of small geographical areas each six months. However, the districts of Budapest, the county-towns, and the main cities are always constituents of the respective cluster sample. The interviews have to be conducted in geographically concentrated clusters, defined by specifically chosen streets and house-numbers built into the sample. A cluster is constituted of a territory of 800-1000 inhabitants, where at least five interviews are conducted. These interviews can be conducted only in the given cluster and nowhere else.
  • In each sample, different 1000 people will be questioned.

Standard social and demographic criteria:

There are two factors that make omnibus research services popular.

  • If one would like to examine a subject they are interested in with only a couple of questions, they will not have to finance a separate research, which would be very expensive.
  • The cost of the socio-demographic indicators that segment questions is divided between the commissioners of the omnibus, producing a further cost advantage.
  • The permanent socio-demographic indicators included in CAPIBUS are also in line with international standards (ESOMAR recommendations), that describe the difference between respondents according to settlement type, sex, family structure, age, income, assets, education, social status and activity. The questionnaire also includes questions about the Main Shopper and the Chief Income Earner.

Ratecard for the 2015 CAPIBUS

Sample sizePrice (EUR/minute)
15 perc fölött egyedi árazást alkalmazunk
  • All costs include consultation, translation and set-up of questionnaire, fieldwork, data processing.
  • From the list price proportional discounts are given, if questions are to be asked of only a certain percentage of the sample size.
  • Results are available in SPSS or in ASCII data file.
  • If required, we prepare the data analysis in form of a study, which increases question prices according to the complexity of the study.
  • Prices do not include VAT.


Below we present the deadline for ordering the service of and providing data file for the waves of CAPIBUS in 2015.

A questionnaire approved by the client is needed by 10 December 2014 21 January 18 February 19 March 17 April 19 May
Fieldwork 27 Dec 2014 -
6 January 2015
31 Jan -
5 Feb
28 Feb -
5 March
31 March -
7 April
29 Apr -
6 May
30 May -
4 June
Data (ASCII file) is provided by (only yes/no and pre-coded closed q./full open q.) 9/13 January 9/11 February 9/11 March 10/14 April 11/13 May 8/10 June
A questionnaire approved by the client is needed by 19 June 22 July 19 August 21 September 16 October 20 November
Fieldwork 1-6 July 1-6 Aug 2-7 Sept 1-6 Oct 29 Oct -
5 Nov
2-7 Dec
Data (ASCII file) is provided by (only yes/no and pre-coded closed q./full open q.) 9/13 July 10/12 August 10/14 September 9/13 October 9/11 November 10/14 Dec

We draw your kind attention to the fact that the maximum length of a research unit can be 15 minutes. In a certain month the research units are accepted for our Capibus according to the “first come, first served” rule. It means that if a research unit would be ordered when the maximum time frame of the questionnaire (45 min.) is full, the pendant research unit would be postponed for the next month wave, or an alternative field method (e.g. ad hoc) would be offered for the Client.

Should you have questions regarding commissioning any of our services, or any other details that You are interested in, we will be happy to inform You!

The CAPIBUS team looks forward to hearing from You::

  • capibusz [at]
  • telefon: +36 1 476-7673